2019 New Ipega PG-9163 Tomahawk Switch Gamepad NS Palmer Grip Handle Plug and Play for Nintendo Switch NS (black)


Product description

  • 1. This product is a special handle for N-Switch mainframe, suitable for playing N-Switch host games;
  • 2. This product is plug and play, without any complicated operation, through the TYPE-C male and N-Switch host to control the game operation of the host;
  • 3. Ergonomic design Comfortable grip, sleek feel design, effectively relieve finger fatigue, easy to play all day, curved grip, comfortable grip, delicate matte grip design, suitable for mass player hand, whenever, grip The handle is not lost.
  • 4. High-precision rocker, smooth operation, equipped with textured texture pole to prevent operation errors.
  • 5. Compatible with most of the switch games, perfect compatible with all major popular games on the market, all kinds of games to play,  QQ图片20190831171555Hb1da7163ec9b48d2a574d313b62060a5GH9bda5b9943fd431899cc1ae970ab3c19GH07d7dce66a9a4b22b7317ad2e7ee5541OH6e207f5b9a65461d97561fc5acf1c8e38H83461422e3324bc29baa30483bb24da7IHdf7e529056724962add29fab3ebe179dhH3dc69b9f339b4a939429bc4bd32f67e1v

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