EZGB EZ-FLASH Junior GB GBC Multi Game Cartridge for Gameboy DMG and Gameboy Colour CGB - NSE Imports EZGB EZ-FLASH Junior GB GBC Multi Game Cartridge for Gameboy DMG and Gameboy Colour CGB - NSE Imports
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EZGB EZ-FLASH Junior: Multi Game Cartridge for Gameboy... from £45.95
The EZ Flash Junior is a revolutionary new Gameboy Color & Gameboy flashcart. It aims to be a powerful and affordable alternative from high prices cards. Offering the highest quality and the best compatibility, The EZ Flash Junior works on all Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance systems worldwide. With over a decade of high quality flashcart products the EZ Flash Junior offers up all of those years of development and puts it all in an affordable and easy to use Gameboy Color Flashcart.The EZ Flash Jr is 100% compatible with all Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance / Gameboy Advance SP systems worldwide. Whether you have the USA, Japanese or European model of any of those systems, the EZ Flash Jr will work. Unlike other products on the market, where you have to use complicated software to first convert and adjust files, you won't have to worry about that at all. Simply copy and paste your GB/GBC files without the need for any special software. It is as easy as just dragging your files from your PC to pasting them over to the memory card. Check out the Video to see how easy it is to use.It is also fully upgradable and as new features are released you will be able to update your cartridge quickly and easily to ensure that you are able to use the latest features. Features: Supports Gameboy .gb & Gameboy Color .gbc roms only, will not play GBA roms. The SD Card supplied may vary. It contains the Firmware only, it does not contain any roms. Will play back on Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance/SP, even with backlit mods and rechargeable batteries. Instant loading of games. Requires a FAT32 Micro SD Card from 4-32GB. Built in Real time clock for those games that require RTC support. Quick Reset to the Main Menu. Supports a Maximum game size of 64Mbits (8MB). Mapper supports: MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5. Maximum save: 1Mbits, LSDJ support System on a chip level recovery mode. This helps prevent any updates ruining or bricking the EZ Flash Junior. Firmware and kernel are both fully upgradable. Easily Replace the battery when needed. Specifications: Brand: EZ-Flash Model: EZ-FLASH Junior Consoles Supported: Gameboy, Gameboy Colour/Color, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advance/SP. Storage: MicroSD 4 to 32GB FAT32 Format (Recommend Fast cards e.g.: Class 10 or UHS) ROM Support: .gb and .gbc Mapper supports: MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5 RTC Support: Yes Maximum ROM size: 64Mbit / 8MB Links and Resources: EZ-FLASH Junior Product Page EZ-FLASH Junior Download Page GBATEMP Flash Cart Forum (Semi Official Support Forum) SD Card Backup with FW3 K1.03 SD Card Formatter (Formerly 'Panasonic SD Formatter').The best tool for formatting any SD card correctly.
Game Boy DIY IPS LCD Backlight Kit For GB DMG - V5 Pro Edition, Larger and clearer screen Game Boy DIY IPS LCD Backlight Kit For GB DMG - V5 Pro Edition, Larger and clearer screen
NSE Imports
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Game Boy DIY IPS LCD Backlight Kit For... from £56.95
Give your Game Boy a makeover with this high quality IPS screen upgrade, backlit, 11% larger, 170° viewing angle and no more straining your eyes in the dark or having to clip on one of those bulky light/magnifier kits that never truly worked (I think my eyes strain got worse trying to peer through mine back in the day).The IPS screen kits comes with everything you need to update your console and comes in two versions, either buy the LCD only kit and modify your existing case. Or for a little more purchase a pre-modded case kit in a range of colours (this gives you the benefit or returning to your stock case should you ever wish). You need a functioning Game Boy mainboard for this conversion and some simple tools if you are modifying you own case. Basic soldering skills are required for moving the speaker over. The IPS screen kit allows you to change the colour pallette used similar to the Super Game Boy through it's easy to use onscreen display controlled through the contrast wheel. Features: Latest V5 Pro Edition, updated PCB, mounts and screen Replace the old, broken or cracked LCD screen with backlight. Built-in 8 color modes, Each 'color mode' can be adjustable.  Each color mode can change to 65,536 different color! The display area is 11% larger than the original. Retro pixel Effect ON/OFF. Image position adjustable. No need to worry about the misalignment of the LCD screen in the  installation. Battery level display On/OFF Wide View angle up to 178 degree Easy to install Only need to solder two wires for the speaker. Spin the Contrast/Control dial to adjust the brightness, Press the dial to access the OSD and change the colour mode. The mainboard of the console is not included. All the shell cases are pre-cut if purchasing a case kit.  The little details: Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo Nintendo Model: Gameboy, Game Boy, GB Model Number: Replacement LCD for GB DMG console Color: Many Display Size: 11% Larger than original display 3D Bracket: Included Screwdrivers: Included Product: DIY Larger size Super OSD RIPS LCD High definition iPS Backlight Kit For GameBoy DMG GB Console DMG IPS LCD Display with Color Fitting Instructions: Click to view Fitting Instructions × New V5 Pro Edition instructions: Older version instructions (for reference in case you own an older kit): Usage Guide: Click to view Usage Guide × These instructions provide an overview for usage. Options may change dlightly with newer firmware.

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