Modern game controllers have plenty of features, to get the best from them please refer to the links below to get the latest software, updates and manuals.

8BitDo Support Page 1
Xbox One Controller Firmware Downgrade 2 Microsoft Answers

1 8BitDo have many versions of the same style, e.g.: M30 Bluetooth and two M30 2.4G. N30 2.4G, N30 2.4G Nt, and N30 NS. Please double check your model when checking for updates and manuals.

2 Xbox One controllers running September 2021 firmware or later change their Bluetooth protocol to BLE. This causes them to no longer work with certain 8BitDo receivers, the firmware downgrade will allow you to use them again, however there are some downsides for Xbox console owners.

Gulikit Support Page
Gulikit Download Page

Footswitch Software (Windows) FootSwitch Software
Footswitch Software (Mac) ElfKey 1.1.41

1 The MacOS software will likely not install at first as MacOS blocks software that is not from their store. This can be overrode by:

  • Clicking the Apple logo at the top-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.
  • Click Security & Privacy on the following screen.
  • Select the Allow button under the Allow apps downloaded from section.
Should you get ' will damage your computer.You should move it to the Trash.' appear after, Right-click the application, select 'Get Info', and check the 'Override Malware Protection' box.
iPega PG-9163 and PG-9163A Chinese/English Manual PG-9163 Manual.pdf1

1 The 9163 and 9163A are the same product expect the 'A' version features a USB-C connector for charge'n'play.

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