This mobile assistant app is for use with our Android USB-C Game controller. There's a lot of handy info in this guide about how to use the controller in many different games and emulators, if you have not yet read out intial Setup Guide, check that out first. In China PUBG is frequently referred to as 'Chicken Game' or 'Chicken Feeding Game' so I have left those references there. I have translated this guide from it's original Chinese source, while the screenshots are in Chinese, the app will display in English, allowing you to follow the guide by matching up the images.
Android USB-C Game Controller App Assistant

Table of Contents

1. Two connection modes of the handle
2. Mobile game mode
2.1 Shooting
2.1.1 Adjusting the sensitivity of the right stick
2.1.2 Turning on the gyro assisted aiming
2.1.3 Pressing the gun (FPS setting)
2.2 Character sports
2.2 1 One-click combo
2.2.2 Casting association
2.2.3 Other common macros
3. Android native game controller
3.1 Emulator game settings
3.2 Other masterpieces that support Android native controller

4. Setting of multiple sets of keys for a game (game hall category)




 This article introduces the usage instructions of the Handy Assistant APP, and the key setting methods of some mainstream games. First introduce shooting games, such as Peace Elite, Wilderness Action, Sausage Party, etc. Next, we introduce character competition games. Each character has different skills or slightly different key positions, such as the glory of the king and the
slam dunk. Most other games are a combination of some factors in these two categories, plus the plot. Finally, we introduce games that support Android's native controllers (simulator mode for controllers), such as emulator-like chickens, Gohan, steamlink, and NBA 2k20.



1. Two connection modes of the handle


Currently, the easy-to-use N1 controller and M1 controller support two connection modes. You can switch on the APP menu, handle settings, and connection mode pages. As shown below:

Mobile game mode is the most commonly used mode. By adjusting the key position through the handy assistant APP, you can match the handle keys with the keys on the game interface. The emulator mode corresponds to the emulator game category, or a game that supports Android's native controller. Please note that games of the emulator type can still be played in the mobile game mode by adjusting the corresponding key position, but some games will always display a virtual handle on the screen, while in the simulator mode, the virtual handle will not be displayed. The user can select the mode according to personal preference.



2. Mobile game mode

2.1 Shooting
   games, usually use the left stick to control the front, back, left, and right movement, and the right stick to control the field of view. For example, a key map of Peace Elite is as follows:

Android USB-C Game Controller App Assistant

Please note that the right stick is to simulate the finger sliding on the screen to move the field of view, so the right stick is placed in a blank position.


2.1.1 Adjust the sensitivity of the right stick

   Using the joystick to move the field of vision cannot fully achieve the flexibility of the finger. If the screen is switched too fast, it will be easier to be dizzy, and if it is too slow, it will not feel very handy, so the first step is to adjust the speed of the right stick, that is, the sensitivity.
      Adjustment steps : In the game, click on the hand-held logo floating ball, click to return to the application, switch back to the hand-held assistant APP, click the handle settings, joystick settings, right joystick sensitivity. Then in the game list, click the game icon to switch back to the game and test.

2.1.2 Turning on the gyroscope-assisted aiming
  joystick can't move very finely. For example, for an enemy at a long distance, the joystick operation may need to be adjusted back and forth to aim. At this time, the gyroscope-assisted aiming shooting needs to be turned on for fine-tuning. I would like to remind you that high-intensity intensive rigid games, such as CF, may not be able to cope even with the gyro turned on, so please choose according to the game situation and segment.

2.2 Pressure gun (FPS setting)
    Another requirement for the shooting category is the pressure gun. If some guns are fired continuously, they will bounce upwards due to recoil. If the guns are fired again before returning, the front sight will continue to move upwards. The principle of pressing the gun is to press down the angle of view a little after each shot. However, different guns have different firing intervals and recoil, and need to be adjusted. This can be adjusted and tested on the training ground.

      Adjustment steps : In the game, click on the floating ball of the hand logo, click on the adjustment key position, double-click the key icon on the screen to shoot (generally R2), select the FPS setting, press the gun, adjust the time and each correction the amount.

2.3 Character competition
    games The characteristics of this type of games are that each character (character, car, monster, etc.) has different skill attributes, and it takes time (or gold coins, energy, designated positions, etc.) to be activated again after the skill is released. Therefore, the release order and timing of skills are more important. In addition, the release of skills is also directional, so it is best to associate the keys of the skills with the direction of the joystick. The following one-click combo and cast association can complete the above functions.


2.3.1 One-click continuous move
     records the operation of skills in time series, defined as a macro (continuous move) associated with a key, press the key, it will be executed in chronological order according to the actions recorded in the macro . The macro function in the APP can meet this demand. In the QQ Speed ​​car, we can record a macro and repeatedly click the driver's head to achieve one-click acceleration.

Adjustment steps : In the game, click on the floating ball of the hand logo, click on the adjustment key, select a blank key, as the trigger key of the macro, double-click the trigger key icon (S3 in this example) on the screen with your finger, select Macro setting, custom position, start, and then repeatedly click the driver's head position (the macro supports up to 11 steps), click Finish, then apply, save, return to the game, press the trigger key (S3 in this example) to test.


2.3.2 Casting is related to
   the skill buttons of many games, and usually the left joystick is usually used for positioning, only one right joystick is left, but the skill is usually more than one, so the handle provides a function to put the ordinary The handle buttons are associated with the right joystick and are used to control the direction of skill release. This makes it possible to perform difficult operations such as casting a spell behind. Specifically, it can be set in the APP, and the cast associated option of the button attribute.

Adjustment steps : In the game, click the floating ball of the hand logo, click to adjust the key position , double-click the key icon (R1 in this example) to be associated with the right joystick on the screen, select MOBA settings, joystick association, Right stick, apply, return to the game. The method of use is to hold down the skill key, adjust the direction with the right rocker, and release the skill key to release the skill.



2.4 Similar to other common macros
, macros can achieve many effects that are difficult to achieve by hand rubbing. For example, in the Vitality Knight, the simultaneous attack of jumping (referred to as jumping and cutting) can be achieved by the above one-step combo steps. In addition, the macro can support sliding operation, which can realize the functions of simulating the selection of weapons, sliding equipment list in the chicken and so on.



3. Android native game

First, you need to switch the controller connection mode to simulator mode, see Chapter 1 for details.

3.1 Settings for emulator games


There are many emulators for other game platforms on Android, such as PPSSPP, myboy and the like, which can run games on platforms such as PSP and GBA. This type of simulator usually comes with a key mapping tool. Taking PPSSPP as an example, in the APP main interface, game settings, control settings, button mapping, you can adjust the mapping.

3.2 Other masterpieces that support Android native controller

         This type of game includes NBA 2k20, Wild Racing 9 and the like. The controller switches to the simulator mode, and you can start playing directly after entering the game.



4. Setting of multiple sets of keys for a game (game hall category)


     This is for game release platforms such as the Chicken Simulator, Gohan Game Hall, and cloud game platforms such as Fat Fish, Roast Chicken, and Gelai Cloud Games. Its characteristic is that different games are started from a game hall, there is no game icon on the desktop.

        For such games, an APP may be required to configure the key positions of multiple games. This can be achieved through the key import and export function:

Adjustment steps : In the game, click on the hand-held logo floating ball, click on data storage , key data, export, save the current key in the file. After switching the game, click the import file in the same menu to switch the key configuration.

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