10-Pack 0.13mm ISP Probes for In-System Programming, Testing, and JTAG


10-Pack 0.13mm ISP Probes for In-System Programming, Testing, and JTAG

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Product description

These high-quality probes are ideal for working on even the smallest of ICs. With their 0.13mm diameter clip, they will grab tiny chip legs easily and securely. Ideal for use in in-system programming (ISP), in-circuit serial programming (ICSP), testing, and JTAG duties, using the standard DuPont connectors on the other end to hook up to your oscilloscopes, IC programmer, Raspberry Pi, and more, you can easily probe, test, program, or read data from your IC.


  • Test, program, write, capture, and more with these great ISP probes
  • Ideal for use with DIP, QFP, TSOP, SOP, SOP, SOIC, MSOP, SSOP, SMD, and more
  • Supplied with a convenient case to keep your probes secure
  • Supplied with test leads with standard DuPont connectors
  • Ideal for use with TL866II, T48, T56, RT809H, RT809F, and similar programmers with ISP connectors or modules
  • Also ideal for use with oscilloscopes, Raspberry Pi, Rpi2040, Arduino, and similar boards for data capture, JTAG, and more


  • Probe diameter: 0.13mm
  • Probe length: 100mm
  • Test lead length: 200mm
  • Connector type: DuPont

Package includes:

  • 10 x 0.13mm probe test clips
  • 10 x DuPont test leads
  • Carry case
  • Instruction manual
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