XGecu T56 Programmer 56 Pin Drivers ISP Support 21000+ Chips with 22 adapters

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The XGecu T56 builds upon the successful TL866 series offering a host of upgrades. Now supporting longer chips up to 56 pins, faster programming and read speeds, thanks to its updated onboard MCU. With a far greater range of supported chip types it really is a powerhouse of a programmer. These are a great investment as new chip types are added through updates to the software package allowing meaning the supported chip types are always expanding.

The support and feature list is extensive, look through our Images & Video, Specification and Resource tabs.


  • Program, Read, Write, Test and more.
  • Supports over 21000+ types of ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, NAND, NOR, GAL, SRAM, EMMC, AVR, MCU etc....
  • Kits contain different adpaters to cover a wide range of chip styles. See the images for which adpaters are included with each kit version.
  • Can attach upto 4 programmers to on PC for small batch runs.
  • Chip support: TSOP48 / TSOP56 / BGA48 / BGA63 / BGA64 / BGA100 / BGA153 / BGA162 / BGA169 / BGA221
  • Supports WINXP WIN2003 WIN2008 VISTA WIN7 WIN8 WIN10 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.
  • Carefully built low-cost professional programmer, high-density chip production process, a unified user interface, easy to use, functional integrity, application software, reliable operation, code small, faster execution.

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