TL866II Plus SPI Driver ICSP Enhancement Module Flash In Circuit Programming Adapter Minipro TL866II TL866A Series USB Programmer

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Product description

This handy TL866II series SPI Driver adapter can be used to program a SPI Flash chip in circuit. This can make light work of diagnosis and repair work on a variety of products and devices. For example, you could upgrade/reflash the BIOS of computer motherboard without removing the chip from motherboard. Diagnose a washing machine, Tv or In Car Entertainment system if the chip is supported, all without having to desolder the package and risk damaging it or the PCB.

Ideal for use with all of out TL866II series programmers. The TL866II software include handy wiring diagrams for most applications.

This adapter features a high quality driver chip that enhances to read/write signals to ensure minimal issues when access an in circuit IC. There are many factors that can affect ISP in-circuit programming arising from, poor PCB design, poor PCB quality, the IC could be faulty (or a low quality clone), or interference from other component on the PCB.

The little details:

  • Model: SPI Driver for TL866II Series
  • Ports: 1x 6 pin Female Host, 1x 6 pin Male Source
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable Programmers: Minipro TL866CS, TL866A, TL866II PLUS

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