TL866 series Adapters TSOP32 TSOP40 TSOP48 SOP44 SOP56 adapter kit for MiniPro TL866 TL866A TL866CS Universal Programmer

Brand: Sinstar

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Product Description


If you have a TL866 series programmer and are lacking in adpaters to fit more exotic chips, this kit is just the thing for you. Suits most TL866, TL866A, TL866CS and TL866II programmers. High build quality ensures a good connection between your chip and programmer.

Kit Includes:

  • 1.TSOP32/40/48,
  • 2.TSOP32/40/48 ZIF
  • 3.TSOP40A
  • 4.TSOP48 to SOP44
  • 5.TSOP32
  • 6.TSOP40B
  • 7.SOP44 ZIF
  • 8.SOP56

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