SUNLU Fila Dryer S1+: Upgraded version, Keep Your Filament Dry and Ready to Print




SUNLU Fila Dryer S1+: Upgraded version, Keep Your Filament Dry and Ready to Print



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Product description

Get ready to up your 3D printing game with the SUNLU Fila Dryer S1+: The upgraded version that keeps your PLA, PETG, TPU, and ABS filament clean, dry, and print-ready. Taking the original S1 design up a notch, the S1+ boasts improved air circulation thanks to a cool fan addition..

Create more uniform print outcomes, particularly for bigger models where temperature fluctuations can greatly impact the print. The S1 Fila Dryer has a timer feature that lets you pre-heat your filament to the perfect temperature whenever you need it. The box also features a pass through, so your filament can exit while still maintaining overall spool temperature.


  • Upgraded version: The S1+ adds a small and discrete fan to imporve airflow and heat circulation
  • Reduce filament water absorption characteristics, intelligent heating can dry the moisture in the filament
  • Dry filament helps ensure that your filament is back to 100% high-quality state during printing!
  • Extend the shelf life of the filament by keeping it fresher for longer
  • Adjustable heating temperature: Temperature selection (range of 35~55°C)
  • Wrap and bake, heating is more uniform, and the baking effect is better
  • Timing function: set heating time, set time, enter standby state, safe and secure
  • LCD display: 2 inches LCD display, display temperature and time
  • Double temperature probes can measure the temperature of the cabinet and heating plate in real time to ensure the safety of the filament


  • Name: S1+ Filament Dryer Box
  • Color: White
  • Temperature range: 35-55℃
  • Plug: Please pick from AU, EU, US, UK
  • Suitable Filament Diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm
  • Suitable Filament Type: All Filaments inc. PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, Carbon Fibre, Silk, Marble, Wood and more
  • Pack contains: 1x SUNLU S1 Filament Dryer, 1x Mains Adapter (PLUG AS SELECTED)

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