SPI Probe Programmer Support 24 25 93 EEPROM 25 Flash BIOS Chip In Ciruit Pogo Pin Download Program Burn ISP TL866 T56

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These handy in circuit probes for various IC's makes for quick and easy work by saving time, effort and potential PCB damage by allowing you to read and program them in place. Simply insert the dummy header into your IC programmer and the pop the probe on to the chip you need to deal with and you're up and running.


  • Deal with your IC in place, no need to unsolder.
  • Options for SOP8, VSOP8, WSON6x5, WSON8x6, DIP8.
  • Enhanced version has longer legs to clear taller components.
  • Works with most popular programmers including the TL866II andT56 series
  • Sprung 4 Claw Probes for stable contact.

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