Sega Game Gear Flash Gear Pro Flash Cart Rev B Retro Gaming 8GB SD Play GG, Master System SMS and SG-1000 Games

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Still loving your Sega Gear but don't want to keep using your precious original carts? This Flashcart is the answer, able to play all your favourite Game Gear, Master System¹ and SG-1000¹ games you'll soon wear your fingers out.

This also opens up the door to Rom Translations, Homebrews and more enabling you to experience games you thought you could never play due to language barriers and experience some of the hardware limit pushing games that modern programmers can create.

¹ Due to the slight differences in hardware some SMS/SG-1000 games may not run, have incorrect colour palettes, or in some other way not work. This is the same as when using real Master Systems carts on a Game Gear. This will also likely run some SC-3000 and Mark III games as they are near enough the same system as well.


  • High Quality DC-DC power saving chips running @95.2% power efficiency compared with others AMS1117-3.3 (66.7% power efficiency), this translates into nearly 30% longer battery life against older flash carts.
  • Draws only a fraction more power than a regular Game Gear cart.
  • High quality Black PCB board with real gold fingers,and 1.2mm thickness improvements(others 1.0mm),ensures great connection to (the now old) Game Gear cart connector.
  • FRAM based Flash cart with external Micro SD, No onboard battery to worry about losing your saves. All saves are stored on the SD Card.
  • Newest firmware with Game Gear, SMS, SG-1000 game support.
  • 8GB Micro SD Supplied (Brand will vary)

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