SEGA Dreamcast Region Free BIOS Chip MX29LV160TMC-90 and 29F1610 Bootloader BIOS


SEGA Dreamcast Region Free BIOS Chip MX29LV160TMC-90 and 29F1610 Bootloader BIOS

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Product description

Give your Dreamcast a true region free upgrade with these replacement bios chips. Unlike older version this does not need you to reset or power cycle your console, simply power on and play your games. play any disc from any region, including backups and homebrew titles.


  • Programmed with the Dreamcast Dev startup animation logo.
  • Enables VGA support to some games which otherwise will not load through a VGA lead.
  • Allows direct bootup from Compact flash or Harddrive IDE modifications via 'Dreamshell'.
  • Region Free - will play Dreamcast games from any region
  • MIL-CD boot - will boot software from CD-R
  • This chip is specifically designed for VA1 motherboards.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Region Free Bios Modchip (MX29LV160TMC-90 chip for VA1 motherboards VA1), 2 x 10k ohm resistors, 2 x Kynar wire (1x Blue, 1x Red)

Installation Notes:

  • You need to be confident and proficient with soldering to install this
  • These chips do not need the legs to be lifted before soldering if you are doing a complete bios replacement.
  • Resistors included if you are doing the 'piggyback' installation method.
  • Supplied without installation instructions, about the best how-to can be found by at the link below:
    Sega Dreamcast Region Free BIOS @
  • This kit can be 'Piggybacked' or installed as a full replacement per the link above
  • Supplied 'as is', we are unable to offer suport, further installtion advice or guarantees on this item

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