Retro 600 in 1 PCE Turbo GrafX Game Cartridge for PC-Engine Turbo GrafX Game Console Card (Turbo with 8G)

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Product description

Upgrade your PC Engine/Turbo GrafX gaming with this handy 500 in 1 multi cart, supplied with an 8GB card with pre-installed games you are ready to go. Want to add your own games such as Homebrews or Translations? Simply add the files to the SD Card and you are up and running.
Can be used with most versions of the PC Engine/Turbo GrafX range including: PC Engine (inc. Duo, Duo R, Duo RX, GT, LT, Shuttle) CoreGrafX, CoreGrafX II, SuperGrafX, TurboGrafX-16, TurboExpress and Turbo Duo. It should work with Clones depending on how well they have been made. The integrated menu system allows for easy title selection, it limits to about 200 files per folder, if you have a large collection I suggest you make folders to organise your collection for easier browsing.
  • Fits all versions of PC Engine or Turbo GrafX consoles.
  • Version 1.8 board produced in 2020.
  • Easily add extra games to the SD Card.
  • Integrated Menu system.
  • Integrated PCE/TG switch ensures the card works with both ranges of systems.
  • Handy onboard reset button, no need to keep power cycling your console.
  • Please note, supplied labels may slightly differ from the photos.



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