DATA FROG Nintendo Switch Grip Handle With Charging Joy-Con Controllers USB-C Play and Charge Great For Long Games

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Product description

This grip combines the left and right Joycon into into a full-size controller, however unlike the stock grip this one allows you to charge your Joy-cons using the integrated USB-C charging port. This gives you the ability to both play and charge simultaneously, great for those longer gaming sessions where a loss of Joy-con always happens at the worst moment.

The space between Joy-Cons are the same as the stock grip supplied with the Nintendo Switch. The handles are a little larger and more ergonomically shaped, which makes the grip slightly wider and more comfortable to hold in hands. The size of this grip is good for both children and the adults. A must have if you prefer a traditional style controller.

The LED indicators will show you when the Joy-Cons are charging (Red) and when they are fully charged (Green). The charger circuit uses a high quality battery charge management IC; coupled with a high-efficiency DC-DC boost converter circuit, and battery protection control circuit to prevent overcharge, voltage over-discharge, and current overload.


  • Brand Name: DATA FROG
  • Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo
  • Nintendo Model: Nintendo Switch / NS
  • Controllers not included
  • Charges from any USB-C Cable and Charger
  • Interface: Type-C USB
  • Grip Size: 140*130mm (approx)
  • Over Current / Over Charge / Short Circuit Protection
  • Available with or with box.

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