Fairground Building Block Sets with Minifigs Action Figure Toys Gift fits LEGO

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Give your mini-figs a day out at the fair with these great Fairground rides, with merry go rounds, bumper cars and a mermaid (pirate) ship there's something for them all to enjoy. After grab a snack at the burger stand and dessert from the ice cream van.

The 'Large Ferris Wheel' and 'Pony Carousel' both feature crank handles to make the rides move.


  • High-quality parts, not too loose nor too tight
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly material
  • The parts are compatible with other building block brands (you know which one)
  • For Ages: 10+
  • Shipped with tracked delivery, order with confidence.
OBLIGATORY SAFETY NOTICE This toy contains many small parts which may present a choking hazard, please do not put them in your mouth, nose or other orifices. Most importantly keep out of reach or supervise the younger members of the family. Be awesome, play safe. :)


  • Color: As Shown
  • Material: ABS
  • Packing: Polybag (Not shipped in a box as they just get damaged in transit)

Set list:

  • Large Ferris Wheel 789 pcs, rotates by crank handle
  • Pony Carousel 762 pcs, rotates by crank handle
  • Hamburger Stand 176 pcs
  • Bumper Cars / Dodgems 312 pcs
  • Rotating Animals 299 pcs inc. Special Illuminated Brick
  • Mermaid Ship aka Pirate Ship 450 pcs
  • Ice Cream Van 228 pcs
  • Merry Go Round 567 pcs
  • Small Ferris Wheel 701 pcs

When you choose a style the image will change to that set, all items shown in that image are included in that choice.


  • Q: Is this real LEGO?
    A: No, these high quality bricks fit LEGO and other similar blocks.
  • Q: Does this come in a BOX?
    A: No, these are shipped in a tough poly bag. The boxes are too thin to ship intact.
  • Q: Are these brand new?
    A: Yes, these are brand new with instructions.

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