DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit Module, Plasma Speaker Electronic Kit, 15W DC 15-24V 2A , Great Educational Toy


DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit Module, Plasma Speaker Electronic Kit, 15W DC 15-24V 2A , Great Educational Toy

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Product description

Tesla coils are cool, who cannot resist playing with mini lightning โšก This Mini Tesla Coil Kit is a great educational toy, it works much as you would expect, producing mini sparks of energy you can interact with, it also has an audio input allowing you to produce sound based on the audio input. The kit is unassembled and you'll need to provide a power supply to drive it, most laptop power supplies with a barrel jack will be fine for this. You'll need basic soldering skills to assemble the kit.

A Tesla coil is a transformer that operates on the resonance principle. It was invented by Nicola Tesla, a Serbian-American scientist in 1891. It is mainly used to produce ultra high voltage, but low current, high-frequency AC power. The Tesla coil is composed of two groups of resonant circuits (sometimes three groups) coupled. Nicola Tesla tried a large number of configurations of various coils for his experiments over the years, such as electrical lighting, fluorescence spectrum, X ray, high frequency alternating current phenomenon, electrotherapy, and radio energy transmission (such as Wardenclyffe Tower), among others.


  • Great educational product
  • Unassembled kit, requires basic soldering skills to assemble
  • Requires DC power supply, a spare laptop supply with a barrel jack will do the trick
  • Tesla coil functions:
    • Electric arc function: the traverse of the rear end will produce an arc. The arc can also ignite
    • Power transmission function: after the Tesla coil is charged, small LED's and bulbs can be wirelessly powered
    • Music playback function: a new concept loudspeaker for an electric arc to stimulate air to make air vibration produced by plasma. You can play mobile/computer music, but the sound is small.
  • Assembly tips:
    • 1. Install small components at first;
    • 2. Install complex components preferentially;
    • 3. Pay attention to the installation direction of components.
    • 4. Make sure the soldering iron does not touch the components for a long time. Otherwise it is easy to damage the components.
  • Safety notes:
    • 1. This product is safe, power is not high, will not be injured by electric shock, but it is not recommended to touch the top of the coil arc, there will be a sense of burning.
    • 2. Do not touch the heat sink after a long time power supply, the temperature is very high, especially the use of 24v high voltage heat huge, if necessary, add their own cooling fan cooling, or working hours lead to too hot, please turn off for a period of time Electric use.
    • 3. Tesla coil is recommended to work when the body or other objects close to the coil, the coil next to half a meter blank can not be other objects, as other objects as a good conductor will make the coil form a good loop, absorbing the coil energy, making Testers Pull the coil at this time the effect of demonstration or deterioration can not be demonstrated!
    • 4. Do not put cell phones, mp3 and other electronic equipment close to the coil, or the coil will produce high-frequency magnetic field interference, making mobile phones, mp3, and other equipment failure or damage!


  • PCB size: 4.0mm*8.0mm
  • Power: 15W
  • Power input: DC 15-24V 2A 5.5mm barrel jack
  • Audio input: 3.5 socket, can be connected to mobile phone, MP3, computer audio

Component list

NO. Component Name PCB marker Parameter QTY.
1 Metal film resistor R1, R4 10K 2
2 Metal film resistor R3, R5 2K 2
3 TIP41 Q2 / 1
4 LED LED1, LED2 3mm 2
5 Audio socket J2 / 1
6 Electrolytic capacitor 1uf C1 1
7 IRF530 Q1 / 1
8 Power socket J1 5.0*2.1mm 1
9 Primary coil L1 2-3T 1
10 Secondary coil L2 350T 1
11 Copper pillar / M3*10 4
12 Screw / M3*6 4
13 Heat sink / / 1
14 PCB / 40*76mm 1

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