TSOP32 ZIF to DIP32 Adapter: CNV-TSOP-EP1M32 Great for T56, T46 and TL866


TSOP32 ZIF to DIP32 Adapter: CNV-TSOP-EP1M32 Great for T56, T46 and TL866

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Product description

This adapter enables simple programming of 8mm*14mm 32-pin TSOP chips using a T48, T56 or TL866 programmer. The secure ZIF socket ensures proper electrical connection to the pins. Users can use this adapter for any chip compatible with their programmer, or with its DIP32 equivalent. 

Please Note: check the Pin orientation on your particular programmer, some programmers may need the adapter placed a certain way.

Features and Specifications:

  • Easy to use: Simply plug the adapter into your programmer and then insert the TSOP chip
  • Quick and Secure: The durable ZIF socket allows for quick and easy programming
  • Support 12.4mm 0.5mm pitch 8mm*14mm 32-pin TSOP IC's
  • Supports SST39SF020A, SST39SF040, SST39LF512, SST39LF010, SST39LF020, SST39LF040,SST39VF512, SST39VF010, SST39VF020, SST39VF040 and more
  • Ideal for XGECU T48, T56, TL866 series programmers
  • Compatible with common DIP32+ programmers, such as GQ-4X, TOP853/TOP2004/TOP2005/TOP2048, G540/G840/VS4800, TNM2000/TNM5000, EasyPro, and SuperPRO.
  • Pin count: 32 (Socket) 32 (Base)
  • Package type: TSOP
  • DIP Connector: Pitch 100mil (2.54mm) / Width 600mil (1.52cm)
  • Item includes: 1 x CNV-TSOP-EP1M32 TSOP32-DIP32 Programmer Adapter

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