ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver: 420*400mm Engraver, High speed engraving


ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver: 420*400mm Engraver, High speed engraving

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Product description

The upgraded ACMER P2 10W engraver takes things up a notch from the P1, offering lightning fast speeds, a bigger engraving space, flame detection, and even APP-controlled printing. With its advanced technology and dual beams, the P2 series allows you to unleash your creativity and easily bring your designs to fruition on a wide range of materials. It can effortlessly slice through 8mm wood and 5mm acrylic board, thanks to its powerful dual laser output.

Equipped with essential safety features like a safety lock and emergency switch, as well as tilt detection, this machine is both safe and clever. Add the optional Rotation mount for even more creative possibilities like engraving on glasses and cups. Want to make cool looking videos of your engravings, look for the Time Lapse camera system to capture your work as it's created. Want more? How about adding an expansion kit to engrave up to 800*420mm items.

Key features for effortless engraving:

  • 98% Pre-Assembled: Get started quicker than ever, the P2 needs only a few basic setup steps to be ready for action.
  • Smarter Engraving: With both Desktop and App based tools to print, you can work with or without a PC. Enhanced safety features such as the Flame Detection will stop the process and let you know if there is and issue.
  • Ultra-Fine Detail: Achieve professional-looking results with engraving lines as thin as 0.06mm, ideal for intricate designs and detailed patterns.
  • Large print area: With it's 400*420mm print area you can engrave larger items with ease.
  • Able to cut a range of materials: Cut through 8mm Wood or 5mm Acrylic in a single pass, maximum cutting thicknesses are: 30mm Wood, 25mm Acrylic and 12mm MDF.
  • Fast and Efficient: Work through projects quickly with engraving speeds reaching up to 30,000mm/min.
  • Wide Material Compatibility: Engrave and cut on various materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and more, offering endless creative possibilities.
  • Easy to Use: The ACMER P2 features a user-friendly design with compatible engraving software like LaserGRBL and LightBurn, making it perfect for beginners and experienced makers alike.
  • Safety First: The laser filter effectively blocks 98% of laser light, protecting your eyes and those around you during operation.
Laser warnign symbol SAFETY NOTICE: Laser safety is paramount, especially when using a laser engraver, and protective eyewear specifically designed for the laser's wavelength is crucial to prevent potential eye damage. We strongly recommend wearing the supplied protective eyewear when using this product

Warranty and Support:

  • All ACMER products ship directly from ACMER ensuring the latest stock is supplied.
  • All ACMER products have a 12 month guarantee.
  • ACMER provide direct support for buyers through their support site, available via the info link above.
  • We are happy to answer questions and offer general advice, however should a warranty issue arise with the product, ACMER will provide support as required.
ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver ACMER P2 10w Laser Engraver

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