600 in 1 Master System Game Cartridge for USA EUR SEGA Master System Game Console Card (Master Game with 8G)

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Product description

Play your favourte games, homebrews and translations on your Sega Master System with the great multi cart, comes with an 8GB SD for you to use and add your own games to.

  • Supports roms up to 8Mbit (1mbyte).
  • Compatiable with Master System and SG-1000 games.
  • Work with Standard Sega and Codemasters mappers.
  • Can be used on a Game Gear with a Master System cart adaptor.
  • Should work with the Mega Drive to Master System converter and 3rd Party / Clones (Your milage may vary)
  • With 8G SD
  • Custom SMS style cart casing, looks like a regular SMS cart.
  • Support to add or delete games by yourself, add your favourite homebrews, fan translations and more.
  • Using our SMS2SG1000 adapter (click for product page),  this cartridge will also work on Japan Sega MARK III, SG-1000 and SC-3000 consoles.

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