Mamen 10 Inch Android iPhone Ring Light Fill Lamp Overhead Bracket Soft Light Jewellery Broadcast Live YouTube Twitch TikTok

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Enhance your mobile photography and streaming with this great combination Selfie and Overhead lamp kit, pop your phone or table into the holder, set up your shot and your good to go. Three light temperatures allow you to have natural, cold or warm lighting for your scene, powered from USB you can use it on the move by plugging into any free USB port, charger or power bank. The large 10 inch lamp is great for lighting objects or faces evenly without shadows.

The included remote allows you to shoot photos without touching your phone for stable shots.

Ideal for online sellers to photograph small items such as jewellery for eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc...

Ideal for streamers and vloggers to use for better quality broadcasts on YouTube, TikTok, Discord, OnlyFans, Twitch and so on.

MAMEN 10 inch Ring Light Fill Lamp Overhead Bracket Soft Light  jewelry broadcast live light shooting SLR photo lamp   


  • Output power: 12W
  • Line length 1.5 meters
  • Phone clip suitable for 6-10 cm
  • Power supply mode: USB power supply
  • Outer Diameter: 26*26cm
  • Inside diameter: 19*19cm
  • Brightness adjustment: three color adjustable
  • Package Listing (Stand and Lamp Kit)  1* 10 inch ring light 1* Mobile phone Bracket  1* Remote Control

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