To help get you started with 3D Printing we have linked to some handy examples to have give your new printer a test and workout. No list of example and demo models would be complete without the famous 3DBenchy (aka Benchy Boat) so we'll start there.


The 3DBenchy is a 3D computer model specifically designed for testing the accuracy and capabilities of 3D printers. The 3DBenchy is described by its creator, Creative Tools, as "the jolly 3D printing torture-test" and was released in April 2015, with a multi-part, multi-color model released in July 2015. Due to its status as a common benchmark, it is believed to be the world's most 3D printed object ( Wikipedia Entry)

Creality 3D Face Mask Buckle

From the manufacturers of printers such as the Ender-3 and CR-10 series, this handy model allows you a little more comfort when wearing a facemask that typically hangs over your ears. While designed by them it will print on most 3D Printers with a 200mm2 or greater bed size.

Prusa Protective Face Shield

Prusa have benn around almost as long as 3D printing, here's a handy model to let you make your own Face Shield, these work great when used in conjuction with a Face Mask to help prevent droplets hitting your face. These should print fine on most 200mm2 or larger printers.

Other test links

There are so many examples and test links that listing them all would be a life's work, here are some other links you may find handy.

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