Moving to Shopify from OpenCart

Since opening our site on OpenCart a few months ago, what started as plain sailing descended into a constant battle to fix reoccuring bugs and performance issues.

I had set this new Shopify site up to as an extra outlet for us but after many late night sessions I decided it's time to kick OpenCart out and embrace Shopify.

What does this mean for my customers? Mainly a more robust and modern site, we will slowly be adding features such as a Live Chat so you can reach us easily and a wider range of safe payment options including PayPal and Amazon pay.

If you were an existing customer on the old site, your details have been transferred across and your orders and login details are preserved.

We look forward to seeing you here on our new shop. :)

Free Tracked Shipping to most countries*

*Some country/warehouse combinations may have fees due to high shipping costs.

Secure Payments

We accept most Cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay