LF-08D 65W USB Digital Soldering Iron Portable Soldering Iron OLED Display uses PD/QC Power Ideal For Mobile and Home Use

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LF-08D 65W USB Digital Soldering Iron Portable Soldering Iron OLED Display uses PD/QC Power Ideal For Mobile and Home Use

£42.99 £45.99
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Video LF-08D 65W USB Digital Soldering Iron Portable Soldering Iron OLED Display uses PD/QC Power Ideal For Mobile and Home Use
Product description

The LF-08D smart soldering iron is a multi-functional soldering iron, small, portable and ideal for most soldering work. Able to use any PD\QC fast charge protocol USB Power Supply you do not need to carry a large heavy mains adapter with you, it will even run from a suitable output USB Power Bank for soldering when no mains supply is available. The easy to use OLED display gives you precise control over the soldering iron. The LF-08D has interchangeable tips and supports the common 5.4/5.5mm diameter tips used by a wide range of similar portable irons.


  • Support 9~20V working voltage range, see our chart for details.
  • Fast heating, can melt tin solder in 8 seconds @20v.
  • Fast temperature recovery, easy to avoid cold solder joints.
  • Temperature control stability is within 2%.
  • Smart sleep. Saves power and cools iron if left unused
  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Rubberised Handle
  • Selectable operating voltage of 9V\12V\15V\20V (Default setting is 20V)
  • Ergonomically designed handle, good grip.
  • Requires a USB PD/QC Power Supply or Power Bank (Not Supplied)
Input Voltage Input Current Output Power Ready To Use
Input Voltage
Input Current
Output Power
Ready To Use
8 Seconds
Input Voltage
Input Current
Output Power
Ready To Use
12 Seconds
Input Voltage
Input Current
Output Power
Ready To Use
17 Seconds
Input Voltage
Input Current
Output Power
Ready To Use
30 Seconds


  • Model Number: LF-08D
  • Certification: CE
  • Dimensions: 230x15x15mm
  • Temperature Stability: 2%
  • Input Voltage: 9-20V (Will not function below 9V)
  • Output Power: 13.5-65W
  • Output Temperature: 200~480°C
  • Screen Type/Size: OLED 0.87in 128*32 Pixels
  • Tip Size: 120mm*5.4/5.5mm
  • Power port: USB Type A

Menu Overview

Long press the SET button for 3s to enter SETTING mode, the functions are as follows:

  • Sleep time setting: default 10 minutes, 1-60 minutes adjustable
  • Shutdown time setting: default 20 minutes ,1-60 minutes adjustable
  • Step adjustment setting: default 5°C, 1-10°C adjustable
  • Unit switch setting: °C/°F
  • Language setting: Chinese/English
  • Temperature calibration 1: Press “+/-” button to adjust the setting temperature, then long press SET key for 3s to Save and automatically return to the user interface.
  • Temperature classification: on off
  • Max Temperature limits: Level 1 (Default) 300°C, Level 2 380°C, Level 3 430°C
  • Restore the default: On/Off

Temperature lock function: Long press the SET button for 5 seconds, the temperature will be locked at the current set temperature, press other buttons without response, if you need to unlock , long press SET button for 5 seconds

1 Temperature calibration method: Set the target temperature to 350°C, use a soldering iron thermometer to measure the actual temperature after the temperature is stable, record the difference between the target temperature and the actual temperature (the value can be positive or negative), and then enter the menu and set the adjustment.

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