Viborg LP528B 50HZ black 280g Record Weight LP Disc Stabilizer Turntable Vinyl Clamp HiFi (LP528B)

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Product description

Viborg LP-528B 50HZ 280g Record Weight LP Disc Stabilizer Turntable Vinyl Clamp
Treat your turntable to this high quality 280g weight, stop slips and slids by firmly holding your vinyl in place, the integrated level and stobe guide allow you to make sure your turntable is both level and spinning at the correct speeds.
  • High Quality Non-Magnetic Alloy Weight
  • Accommodates spindle diameter up to 7mm, heights up to 23mm
  • Soft base pad assures protection of the record label
  • Strobe scale support: 33rpm and 45rpm
  • Product height: 33mm (1 5/16")
  • Product diameter: 77mm (3")
  • Product weight: 280g
  • Frequency: 50HZ (Suited to UK mains)
  • Package: 1x 528B LP Clamp
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Treatment: Anodized

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