TWO TREES Touch Auto Leveling Sensor Auto Bed Leveling Sensor BLTouch For 3D Printers


TWO TREES Touch Auto Leveling Sensor Auto Bed Leveling Sensor BLTouch For 3D Printers

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Product description

The Two Trees Auto Touch Module, provides a BL-Touch compatible upgrade to many 3D printers to assist with bed levelling issues. A flat bed is one of the most critical things for a successful 3D print, an uneven bed can cause issues with the first layers not sitting on the bed correctly. There is also the issue of the bed becoming slightly out of line after a long or large print. Once installed and set up your 3D printers can allow and adjust for the slight variances to ensure optimum printing conditions and reduce failure rates from a slightly off bed level.

Installation varies between printers, however the general principle is similar enough. Firstly mount the 3D Touch unit to your printer (you may need to print a mount). Secondly hook up the connections (a lot of printers have a 'BL-Touch' connector on the extruder assembly, some older ones may require wiring to the mainboard. Finally activate the 'Auto Level' feature in a menu or through updating the firmware.


  • The Auto Levelling sensor is a device that uses the hall effect to achieve levelling.
  • The Position of the point can be obtained by touching the point on the heated bed and then compensated by adjusting the Z axis height during printing
  • Printing can also be achieved even though the heated bed is not flat


  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 15mA
  • Max Current(Peak): 300mA
  • Shell Material: PC
  • Cable Length: short 200mm long 1000mm
  • Package Included:
    1* Leveling Sensor
    1* 200mm Cable
    1* 1000mm Cable
    2* M3 nuts and screws
    2* XH2.54mm Terminals
    1* Coiling Terminal


  • 3 Pin:
    Green: GND
    Red: +5V
    Orange: Signal Cable
  • 2 Pin:
    Black: GND
    White: Z-min

Example Configuration

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