5x SUNLU PETG Filament 1KG 1.75mm With Spool Plastic PETG 3D Printer Filament Good Toughness 3d Printer Materials

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Product description

PETG Features

PETG filament good toughness, high hardness, impact strength is 30 times more than PLA and the elongation at break of more than 50 time PLA. Compatible printers must have heating device, can print models have strict requirement of toughness and strength, such as: pedant, also can print strongly heated-resistance and transparent models, such as: lampshde. 100% no bubble 3d printer material.


Diameter: 1.75mm Tolerance: +/-0.02mm Print speed: 50-100mm/s Recommend print Temperature: 230-250℃ Platform temperature: 80-120℃

Is SUNLU a factory or trading company?

SUNLU is a direct factory.


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