RK71 71 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Dual Mode bluetooth 3.0 + USB Wired RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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Royal Kludge keyboards give you a small, compact keyboard packed with features and high quality components, the dual connectivity allows you to use it with PC's and Mac's as well as most phones and mobile devices that accept Bluetooth Keyboards. Available in Black/White bodies with Blue/Brown/Red switch options. Please note: These use the American U.S. English layout so some symbols are not in the traditional UK positions.

Brand Royal Kludge 
Model RK71
Keys Amount 71 Keys
Color Black, White
Switch Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch
Connection bluetooth 3.0 + USB
Material ABS
Voltage 12V
Size 327 * 101 * 36mm
Weight 800g
System Support Windows /Android/Mac OS 
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Backlit RGB Backlit


1. Small size super compact mechanical keyboard with 71 keys. With separate arrow keys, suitable for office and home use. The 71-key compact layout makes it ideal for reducing space;
2. 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight modes, 5 full color backlight modes. These patterns are more enjoyable when you're playing games or typing at night.
3. The keyboard has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the standby time is up to 360 hours and 10 hours for continually working time, it takes 3 hours to fully charge;
4. Wireless mode, 1 minute no operation, keyboard backlight automatically off; 5 minutes no operation, the keyboard into standby mode; 10 minutes no operation, enter deep sleep mode. You can press any key to wake up the keyboard;

Package Included:

1 * Royal Kludge RK71 71 Keys Dual Mode bluetooth 3.0 + USB Wired RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 
1 * USB Cable




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