Paron® JX-D5 Multifunctional Ratchet Crimping Tool Wire Strippers Terminals Pliers Kit

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Product description

1.Make of manganese steel material,durable and solid,easy to use.

2.Professional Ratchet Crimping Tool Kit,With 5pcs JX-1601 dies(JX-1601-01,JX-1601-06,JX-1601-08,JX-1601-10,JX-1601-2546) and Screwdriver,Dies change quickly and easily with a Screwdriver.
3.This is an electrician, and electrical maintenance man manufacturing enterprises the necessary tools.

Model: JX-D5
Size: 200 * 150mm
Crimping range:
JX-1601-01 Die:24-14 AWG(0.25-2.5mm2)
JX-1601-06 Die:24-10 AWG(0.25-6.0mm2)
JX-1601-08 Die:26-16 AWG(0.14-1.5mm2)
JX-1601-10 Die:26-16 AWG (0.25-1mm2)
JX-1601-2546 Die:14-10 AWG(2.5-6.0mm2)
Weight: 800g

Package Includes:
1pcs Ratchet Crimping Tool  1pcs JX-1601-01 Die
1pcs Screwdriver 1pcs JX-1601-06 Die
1pcs JX-1601-2546 Die 1pcs JX-1601-08 Die
1pcs JX-1601-10 Die  

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