EXP GDC V8.0 Laptop External PCI-E Video Card for Mini-PCIe

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Product description

Give your laptop (or Mini-PC like an ITX or Embedded system) a GPU boost with this Mini PCI-e slot adaptor, you'll need a free Mini PCI-e slot on your system to make use of this, a lot of laptops only have the one for the WiFi card to sit in so please check before purchase. Once installed you can attach a decent AMD or NVIDIA Card and get some serious gaming action going. AMD Card users will need an external monitor, NVidia user can use an external monitor or with supporting Intel Chipsets they can use the Optimus/EGPU to divert the signal back to the Laptop screen, this is similar to how NVidia/Intel Hybrid Graphics work on higher end laptops. Please read through the listing to fully understand how to use this product to it's best potential.

If you install the driver after connecting your graphics card and fnd there is a code 43 problem, please reinstall the driver according to the following method.

  • View this post at egpu.io Nvidia Code 43 Fixer
  • Read through the post, download the fix, extract it to a folder & navigate to that folder
  • Double-click nvidia-error43-fixer.bat
  • Click YES to UAC approval prompt
  • Follow the on screen instructions & prompts as shown in post.
  • Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

All the cool details

  • Bring desktop Gaming to your Laptop
  • Requires free Mini-PCIe slot, you may have to remove your WiFi card and use a USB Wifi dongle
  • EXP GDC is a NOTEBOOK external graphics adapter, excluding power and other necessary accessories. Power supply and graphics card need to be bought separately.
  • It can use your laptop/notebook display, if your laptop comes with supporting Intel HD graphics and a NVIDIA GTS450 or above is used. Otherwise you require an external monitor.
  • Upgrade against previous versions:
  • Dual TD compatible switch (hardware conflict resolution)
  • Multistage anti interference circuit
  • Data line reinforcement
  • Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start)
  • High quality imported electronic components
  • Support metal cabinet (optional)
  • Double copper technology to enhance system power supply
  • Isolation protection circuit
  • LED status indicator
  • USB interface extension
  • Lateral 6PIN power supply interface

The technical stuff

  • Support for PCI-E X16 cards, card will runs at X1 speed (depending on notebook configuration can be upgraded to X2 mode)
  • Products: notebook PCI-E expansion device
  • Product positioning: notebook performance upgrade.
  • Operating system: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Linux etc.
  • Note: Win XP, Win8/8.1 require an external screen regardless of chipset.
  • Turn off PCI-E energy saving options in the power management system and BIOS, this will help prevent the OS trying to disable the card under certain conditions.
  • Extended support: PCI-E X16:DMI GT/s (X1) 5
  • Power support: 8P interface: 220W max. DC interface: 150W max. Note: the power limit without ATX cable.
  • Package included: 1 * EXP GDC V8.0 adapter 1 * Mini pcie data lines 1 * ATX PSU power cable
  • Note: our product does not include the desktop power supply, you need to buy it by yourself depend on the actual needs.

FAQ's and Answers:

  • Question: My laptop is xxx-xxx, will my laptop compatible with the EXP GDC?
  • Answer: As long as your laptop has a mini pci-e slot, theory, it could be used.
    Already known computer that are not compatible with it is as below:
    Lenovo E530, L430, E43, U410, E49, K49
    HP 5310M, H533OM, 6910
    ASUS N55SF, N75, A53XI241SV-SL, X8dij, K53SD
    China ui45, EVI4
    Haier T68
    Acer 4739z
  • Question: What graphic cards should I choose?
  • Answer: Please see the image below to give an idea of what card you should look to use, please note that graphics cards update on a regular basis so match the card you are looking for an equivalent on the image.
  • Question: What power supply should I use?
  • Answer: We only offer ATX cables with the package to power the EXP GDC. Please choose suitable external power cables for your graphics card.
    6P power output: The maximum provides the interface output 6PIN+8PIN, maximum support 12A, maximum support 18A output with the motherboard and the. If more than 220W using power card please with ATX cable, ATX power supply used for the graphics.
    8P power supply interface: The main board and the equipment of the power supply interface, support soft switch function (notebook starting power starting, notebook shut down power off). The power of this interface, you can use 1 special DELL 220W, 2, can be matched with ATX cable using the ATX power to support external graphics power, soft switching function.
    DC power supply interface: Support DC 12 volt power supply input interface type outer diameter 5.5MM, inner diameter 2.1MM, maximum power 150W, support the soft switch function.
  • Question 4: Does it require its own monitor?
  • Answer: If you use an AMD series card, it must to connect with the external monitor to use. If you use a NVIDIA GTS450 or above, and your laptop uses a supported Intel Core graphics chipset, you should be able to use the Optimus/EGPU software to use the laptop internal monitor. If for whatever reason this is not the case you will need to connect with the external monitor.
  • Question: What laptops can I use this with?
  • Answer: A lot, practically anything with a Mini-PCIe slot, the following is a (by no means exhaustive) list of supported models at the time of the V8.0 production.
    Lenovo W530, T520, W520, X220, X220T, Z570T, 420Y, 460Y, 560P, T410E, 420, X201, X201s, Edge 14, T410s, T400, T510, X201T, X200, W500, T61p, X61T, T61, T60, T520, T420S, y470, T420I, Y480, G480, k580s, E520, Y580, G500, E46A, Y530, G510, Y400, G500, V460, Y560P, y480n, y480, E420, K29, B470, Z470, L421S, L410K, E420S, G470, G450, z465, Y500, V370, G430, Z370, Y485, Y410P, v1000, s410p, y471a, s230u, V570e, 420s, Z500, V470, Y4070
    Dell E6520, Vostro 3450XPS15, L502, Studio 1557, E6220, M4500, E6420, E4300, Studio 1557XPS, 1645, E4310M, 4600, Insp 1545XPS, 1340, E4300XPS, 1640, E6500, Insp 1420XPS, 1340, Vostro 1500, 1440, Vostro v130XPS, M1530, D830, M1330, Studio 1555, Insp 1520, Vostro 1310, E1505, 1545, E6520, E6520, E6220, E5410, E4310.
    Sony Z21VPC, Z11VPC, Z13VPC, Z12VGN, FW45Z46GDVGN
    HP 4530s,2560P, 8460P, 4330s, 2540P, 8440P, DV4-2000, 2530P, 2740P, 6930P, 6930P, 2730P, HDX 9000, Pavilion DV4, DV9690en, CQ60DV71, 267CLHD, X16HD, X18T, TX22510P, DV7-3020ED, DV2000, dv2416US, 6910P, NC6400, 2133, 4530s, Hp 8440p
    Fujitsu AH531, T731, S6420, T901, T5010, U9200, AH56/Gnh532
    Acer 5755G, 3820TG 5920G, EX5620, Z5742, G6930

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