Longer Orange 10 UV Resin 3D Printer 98mm*55mm*140mm Print Size 2.8inch Touch Screen Offline Printing

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Product description

The Longer Orange 10 is a resin printer that aims to take you far in the world of resin. With a touchscreen, smart lattice support generation, and a proprietary slicer, this machine might just be perfect for starting off your adventures in resin printing.

The Longer Orange 10 is currently the most cost-effective SLA3D printer in the market. It has many unique features such as smart support, fast slicing, and special light path design. In addition, by arranging the LEDs in an array by ultraviolet light of 405 nm wavelength, a uniformly distributed surface light source can be obtained. It has a large print size of 98mm (L) * 55mm (width) * 140mm (height). All of this makes it an excellent SLA resin printer.

Note: Due to shipping restrictions these printers are not supplied with the test bottle of Resin

All the cool details

  • 98mm(L)*55mm(W)*140mm(H) Build volume
  • Auto-generation of supports - One-click generation lattice supports structures, the support generation tool makes it easy to add, modify or delete
  • Offline printing - Support for printing by transmitting printing job file data from TF Card
  • 2.8 inch full-color touch-screen, friendly interactive interface allows for real-time previews of print, no need for a tethered computer
  • Easy to level platform by a screw, allows you to start printing project efficiently
  • Fast slicing - Professional slicesoftware allows completing 100M slicing file within 1 minute, faster than open source software about 30 times
  • High precision finish - Combine with high stability and incredible precision, allowing you to create objects of detail
  • Cost-effective entry-level LCD light-curing 3D printer, high forming quality and stability.
  • Intelligent one-click add supporting structure in the slicer software automatically detects the floating part and adds cross-linked grid support to ensure the success rate of complex model printing.
  • Ultra-fast slicing comes with professional PC slicing software Longer, slice a 100M file in 10 seconds.
  • Easy to use. The 2.8-inch full-color touch screen is easy to select file printing and view the real-time printing process.
  • Specially designed optical paths to achieve uniform light intensity distribution, improve print quality, and it is not easy to generate debris during printing.
  • Automatically identify the print file in the TF card for offline printing.
  • Easy leveling: Easy to level the platform by 4 screws.
  • High-temperature warning function: The printing process pauses automatically at high LED temperatures and will resume printing automatically upon sufficient cooling.
  • Uniform Matrix UV Lighting. Integrated with matrix UV LED Design, Orange 10 provides better printing performance since the matrix illumination provides better uniformity, higher intensity and shorter time of curing.

The technical stuff

PrintingTechnology LCD stereolithography
Build Size 98mm(L)*55mm(W)*140mm(H)
Layer thickness 0.02-0.1mm
Build speed up to 30mm/h
LCD pixel resolution 854*480
LCD pixel size 115μm
Z-Axis resolution 0.625μm
Light source 405nm UV LED array
Mateial regidresin,castableresin,
Material color skin,white,grey,
Operation software LONGER
Operation system Windows7/8/10,64bit
File format STL
Connection mode TF card
Touch screen 2.8inch color touch screen
Power input:100-240V,AC,50/60Hz,1.6A;
Rated power 41W
Optimum working temperature 20℃-30℃
Relative humidity 30%-60%
Power Supply Plug EU Standard(Default)
Product size 170(L)*170(W)*360(H)mm
Packing size 220(L)*220(W)*550(H)mm
Net weight 5.4kg
Gross weight 7.0kg

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