Geeetech v3.2 Plastic Probe 3D Touch Sensor Auto Leveling Sensor suits most BL-Touch ready printers.

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Product description

New for 2021 is the updated V3.2 version of Geeetech's popular 3D-Touch Module, providing a BL-Touch compatible upgrade to many 3D printers to assist with bed levelling issues. This improves against theo original replacing the metal probe with a plastic model offering better precision. A flat bed is one of the most critical things for a successful 3D print, an uneven bed can cause issues with the first layers not siting on the bed correctly. There is also the issue of the bed becoming slightly out of line after a long or large print. Once installed and set up your 3D printers can aloow and adjust for the slight variances to ensure optimum priting conditions and reduce failure rates from a slightly off bed level.

Installation varies between printers, however the general principal is similar enough. Firstly mount the BL-Touch unit to your printer (you may need to print a mount). Secondly hook up the connections (a lot of printers have a 'BL-Touch' connector on the extruder assembly, some older ones may require wiring to the mainboard). Finally activate the 'Auto Level' feature in a menu or through updating the firmware.

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All the cool details

  • Easily upgrade your 3D printer to Auto Levelling
  • High precision touch sensor
  • Compatible with many brands of 3D printer such as Creality, Anet, SUNLU, Artillery, Geeetech and more.
  • Self-test: The push pin is operated three times to test when the power is on
  • Alarm: The LED light blinks if a problem found on a self-test or on an operation
  • 3DTouch"s Standard Deviation in repeatability is around 0.02mm. If you choose 3DTouch, your 3D printer will be high-class masterpiece, giving you an enjoyable experience.
  • 3DTouch does not uses either optical, nor proximity (inductive/capacitive) sensor.
  • 3DTouch is controlled by Hall Effect, providing high precision. Thus the bed material can be selected freely.
  • This is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers based on open-source.
  • Simple, Smart, High-precision, It could work with any kinds of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metals, and so on.
  • It can be operated in the following conditions:
  • One I/O for control (PWM or Software PWM)
  • One I/O for Zmin(Z Probe)
  • GND and +5V power

The technical stuff

  • Model: 3D-Touch (BL-Touch compatible)
  • CPU: Atmel ATtiny13A
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 15mA
  • Max. Current: 300mA
  • Cable length: 150mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Wiring: 3-pin: Brown (-, GND) Red (+5V) Orange (control signal) and 2-pin: Black (-, GND) White (Z min)
  • Dimensions:


  • Additional power supply can be needed in case which your board does not supply enough amperage.
  • Electronic devices can be damaged or even destroyed if connected to the wrong side polarity. [wrong terminal connect to 5V(+) and GND(-)]
  • Install 3D-Touch/BL-Touch as far as possible from magnetic, motor, fan etc.
  • Please handle the measuring pin with care, hard pushes or pulls can make the 3D-Touch/BL-Touch less accurate.
  • Fix push-pin with locking paint after reassembling or adjusting core.
  • Please do not change the position of the hex screw(core).
  • Do not separate or deform elastic material attached on the push-pin.

Package includes:

  • 1 X Sensor
  • 1 X 3Pin Straight Pin
  • 1 X 2Pin Straight Pin
  • 2 X Screw & Nut & Washer
  • 2 X Dupont Housing Shell 3Pin
  • 2 X Dupont Housing Shell 2Pin
  • 10X Dupont Terminal
  • 1 X 10KΩ 1/8W Resistor for Smoothieboard

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