Delux T11 Designer Keyboard With Smart Dial 3 Group Customized Keys Mechanical Single Hand Mini Gaming Keypad For Gamer Computer

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Product description

Make your left hand earn it's keep with the awesome highly configurable mini keyboard, with commons functions and the ability to map keypresses, mouse buttons, macros and more, you'll be able to both work and game better. High quality construction as standard with any DELUX brand product the keys feature 3 backlight modes along with the Scroll/Command wheel that gives quick access to even more functionality.

Delux T11 Designer Keyboard With Smart Dial 3 Group Customized Keys Mechanical Single Hand Mini Gaming Keypad For Gamer Computer

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All the cool details

  • Born For designers (Graphic Designers, ID Designers, Photographers, Cartoonists, and so on)
  • 28 Functional keys programmable with driver (FN, NumLock, M1, M2 and M3 are not included)
  • A multi-functional Dial, which is compatible with 9 major designing software, making designing easy.
  • Three groups of(M1/M2/M3)shortcut keys by driver, Each group has 9 (G1-G9) shortcut keys for mainstream design software
  • Compatible with Wacom,making it extermely convenient when drawing
  • With mechanical key switches and crafted out of aluminum with a premium finish
  • 3 Backlight modes: Full-lighted (Fn+M1), Breathing light (Fn+M2), Single light (Fn+M3)
  • Delux T11 Designer is a customizable keyboard makes designing a breeze, It's the perfect tool to assist any designer helping you design up to 80% faster.

The technical stuff

  • Type: Designer Keypad
  • Keycap: Ultra-thin Chocolate keycap
  • Buttons: 28 functional keys and one smart dial
  • Life span: Key switch:≥70 million cycles/Dial:≥ 100 thousand cycles
  • Material: ABS/ Aluminum alloy / HIPS
  • Size: 168.99mm(L)*151.7(W)*32.36mm(H)
  • Weight:300g
  • Working voltage: DC 5V
  • Working current: ≤300mA
  • Cable: 1400mm*3.5mm  TYPE-C&USB

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Multi-functional Smart Dial
Freely zoom the software view by simply turning the dial
Multi-functional dial has functions like turn up and down, turn left and right, zoom in, zoom out, page up, page down,
volume adjustment, brightness adjustment.

As shown in following picture:
Pressing the middle button of dial for one second or click the middle button of dial on the driver to activate knob functional setting interface
(can only be activated after the driver is installed)
You can select the function by rotating the dial or clicking by mouse.
Dial Function Display--zoom in/out

Three groups of(M1/M2/M3)customozable shortcut keys, Born for designersEach group has 9 shortcut keys (G1-G9) for mainstream design software
After setting, press one button can make things happen without having to type the full instructions.
Pressing M1 to enter M1 mode, the backlight of M1 will be on. M1, M2, M3 mode can be switched freely
Type-C: A USB/ Type-c cable to connect Designer T11 to computer

Compatible with Wacom,making it extermely convenient when drawing

Compatible with mainstream design software, making designing easy, faster.
Compatible For Windows 7 / 8 / 10, MAC OS X

R&D together with Intel,Received a favor from global designers
Up to now, we have raised $120,000 on Kickstarter

Mechanical aixs and Ultra-thin chocolate keycap, skin-like material surface of keycaps providing you excellent tactile feeling

Excellent Quality
Aircaft-grade aluminum alloy material, CNC processing

Two colors Avaliable, Three backlight modes
Full-lighted (Fn+M1), Breathing light (Fn+M2), Single light (Fn+M3)

1. Under NUM Mode, if there is no customized seetings for G1-G9, default function please refer to the characters (number and symbol) in the second row.
2. There are present shortcut keys for different design software in the driver. You can edit and delete, also can add new software setting by clicking "Add"

3. Customizable keys: G1-G9, Delete, S, /, Z, X, C, V, click these keys, the setting window will show up.
4. About key setting, you can set Single key, Macro setting, Multimedia and Combo keys. click "K" (shown on the picture)
or " Fn + Ctrl" to active soft keyboard. Click any key on the soft keyboard, it will show up in the blank space .

5. Combo keys: Click " Clear setting" and type the key you need if you want to change the combo.
You can also to add mouse function in the combo.
6. Multimedia: Click "Multimedia" to set multimedia function for certain keys.

7. Macro: Click "Record" and add action on the window, click + or - to add new qction or delete action. Record delay and record cycles can be set.
More practical and interesting functions are waiting for you to explore

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