Deer/Dragon/Fish Head Spirit & Liqueurs Bottle Stoppers/Pourers, Great for Jager

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Product description

Product Description:

Are you still pouring drinks at home like a savage? Trying to avoid sloshing half the bottle out when you just want a shot? Upgrade your Shot game and pour like a pro with these awesome pouring heads. Simply pop them in the top of your favourite tipple bottle and get pouring. Available in a range of styles and finishes, these are great for all sorts of spirits and liqueurs, including but certainly not limited to:

Whiskey / Scotch / Bourbon / Sherry / Jagermeister / Rum / Tequila / Chinese Spirits / Vodka / Aftershock (anybody still drinking this?) / Herbal Liqueurs etc....

Product specifications:

Shape: Irregular shape

Colour: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and more...

Material: Zinc Alloy Material

Size:11.8cm* 8cm (Approx, varies by style)

Weight: 85g (Approx, varies by style)


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