Creality 3D® 235*235mm Flexible Cmagnet Build Surface Plate Soft Magnetic Heated Bed Sticker With Back Glue For Ender-3 3D Printer

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Product description

Upgrade your Creality 3D* 235x235mm build surface with this flexible Cmagnet plate, simply attach to your existing build surface (remember to reset your Z axis as the height will now be different) and when your print is finished simply peel the top layer off to easily remove your prints.

*Will fit most 235x235mm build surface printers if you don't mind having a big Creality Logo on the build plate 😃


- Upgrade Cmagnet Build Surface plate
- Easy removal 3D printing platform for PLA and PLA-based materials. To use it, simply stick the bottom plate onto your build plate and start printing, peel up the top plate with finished prints, then peel off the top plate from the prints. Snap the top plate back into place for next round of printing.


Size: 235*235mm
Applications: For Ender-3

Package Included:

1x Top magnet plate
1x Bottom magnet plate


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