Bitfunx GDEMU v5.15b Ultima Optical Drive Simulation Board for SEGA Dreamcast

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Product description

Give your SEGA Dreamcast the power to play any game from any region with this GDEMU upgrade, replace your old or failing optical drive with this optical drive simulation board, Add your own SD card and .gdi images and enjoy classic, homebrew, translation patched games and more. Multi disc games are supported by using the little 'Next Disc' button on the board to switch discs. These latest Ultima versions are supplied with heat sinks for the chips, if you are using our GD EMU Remote SD Card kit to enjoy hassle free access to your SD Card and improve the airflow from the missing optical drive, you may need to either leave them off or modify the mount to accommodate them.

All the cool details

  • The new GDEMU optical drive simulation board, replace your optical drive with this high speed SD card interface.
  • Easy installation, fitting the GDEMU requires no modification to the machine board.
  • Can easily be removed if you wish to return your unit to stock.
  • 100% game compatibility, perfect running original GDI image, and compatible with CDI image.
  • No need for custom BIOS or other modifications.
  • Plug'n'Play solution.
  • Great when used with our GDEMU SD Card Extender.
  • NOTE: You will need to supply your own SD Card & GDI images if not buying an SD card bundle.
  • SD Card shown for reference only, included card will be of listed capacity.
  • We do not have a list of included games on each card.
  • Quantity of titles with SD Bundles: 8GB = 6, 16GB = 12, 32GB = 20, 64GB = 45, 128GB = 88

**IMPORTANT** Only suitable for VA1 motherboard Dreamcast's.
There are many guides on the net about installation and how to check which Dreamcast model you have, please check before purchase. Typically VA1 units should have a 1 in a circle as seen on the image below.

There are three known Dreamcast variants:

  • VA0 – early production
  • VA1 – ~99% of all consoles
  • VA2.1 – late production

NOTE: VA0 and VA2.1 are NOT compatible with GDEMU. While it can be installed inside a VA0 model and may appear to work, it is not safe and will eventually result in damage to the device and/or console itself. VA2.1 models changed the optical drive system and there is no possibility to fit the GDEMU in these.

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