Artillery Genius DIY 3D Printer Kit 220*220*250mm Print Size with Ultra-Quiet Stepper Motors

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Product description

The Artillery Genius FDM 3D Printer is an all-in-one cartesian 3D printer with ultra-quiet stepper drivers, direct drive extruder, dual Z axis, AC heated bed, TFT touch screen. Comes with 220mm x 220mm x 250mm (L x W x H) build size. Following feedback about the Sidewinder X1 Artillery actioned these improvements into the Genius. The Genius is able accept a BLTouch style auto level sensor thank to a handy ABL sensor connector on the head assembly. The new direct drive extruder handles material feeding better including support for TPU. the new proprietary nut coupler for the Z-Axis helps reduce layering issues and a faster heating bed over the Sidewinder X1 gets you ready for action quicker.

Due to new import restrictions this no longer includes a SD Card or USB Stick, all required software can be downloaded from the links below.

All the cool details

  • 220*220*250mm print size
  • Filament run-out detection, Power failure function
  • With TFT colorful touch screen, easy to operate
  • Short-range driver extruder, volcanic nozzle. Feed fluently, and support flexible filament.
  • Dual z-axis design. The stability is improved under high speed movement.
  • High quality accessories- ultra-quiet stepper driver, high precision magnetic limit switch, exclusive Z-axis coupler.
  • Support USB/TF off-line print.
  • Installation is easier and quick to install
  • Option of 110v or 220v to choose from. Suitable for users in most parts of the world.

The technical stuff

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