Aluminium Alloy T-260 Hole Positioning Metric Measuring Ruler 260mm Precision Marking T-Rule Scriber Ruler Woodworking Tool

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Product description

Aluminium Alloy T-260 Hole Positioning Metric Measuring Ruler 260mm Precision Marking T-Rule Scriber Ruler Woodworking Tool 


Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Color: Red
Scale Size: 5-260mm 
Applicable refill: 0.5-1mm
1. Each hole on the t-ruler represents one millimeter.
2. The T-260 hole positioning ruler marking ruler is precise, versatile, and easy-to-use. Find the hole corresponding to the scale, insert the pen into the hole, and draw the desired line.
3. Precision marking t-rule helps you draws perfect horizontal lines while sliding the rule along the edge of your work.
4. This multi-purpose marking and measuring ruler is suitable for 0.5-1mm refills.
5. Aluminum alloy material, wear and rust, durable. Accurate calibration and convenient operation.
6. T-bar follows the edge of your work piece to mark perfectly placed horizontal or vertical lines, Micro-fine marking holes and slots place your mark exactly on-target, makes the T type woodworking ruler a perfect tool for you.

Package Included:
1 x T-260 Hole Positioning Ruler 

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