CCTree ABS Filament 1KG/Roll 1.75mm Many Colors for Crealilty/TEVO/Anet 3D Printer

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Product description

CCTree produce high quality filament suitable for a wide range of FDM printers, this ABS filament is great for projects requiring a more rigid, higher temperature resistant, machinable print, making it a great choice for engineers and others where mechanical uses are important.

● 1 KG/roll for the ABS filament, different color for choose - orange/black/red/grey/yellow/sky blue/green/purple/pink/blue/white
● Compatible with different brands of 3D printers (such as: Makerbot, Mendel, reprap, UP, Prusa, Huxley, BFB3000, uPrint, Cubify, printrbot, Sumpod)
● ABS material is more wear resistant, high strength, high toughness and stable performance.
●  Please pay attention to moisture and print in a well ventilated environment

Package Included:

1 x ABS filament(Please choose the color you want)


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