45x30cm Magnetic Heat Insulation Silicone Pad Desk Mat Maintenance Platform with Magnetic Section for BGA Soldering Repair Station

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Product description

These large magnetic desk mats are the ideal companion for those who spend their day with a soldering iron in their hand. With dedicated areas to store your parts and tools, you'll be to work faster, smarter and safer. The heat resistant mat means no mores burnt desks and workbenches. The magnetic ares prevent your parts and tools moving around by themselves.


  • Multi-function silicone pad structures with a circuit board location, screw location, 3 parts compartments with covers, a magnetic tools area, 3 magnetic parts areas, 7 non-magnetic parts areas, a scale ruler, and 42 spare cells.
  • Screw Location with 124 tiny cells, can place and secure 124 different screws in order.
  • High Temperature Resistance, up to 500 ยฐC.
  • Several hole location to set screws, IC chips and small parts.
  • Built-in scale ruler (0 ~ 36 cm) along the bottom edge.
  • Magnetic sections (marked on the pad), can be used to hold screws firmly. They can also be used to magnetise your screwdrivers.


  • Type: Heat insulation pad
  • Net weight: 655 g
  • Size: 45 x 30 cm / 17.7 x 11.8 inch
  • Thickness: about 5 mm
  • Heat resistance: 500 ยฐC
  • Material: Environmentally friendly organic-silicone
  • Colour: Blue
  • Please Note: The pad may have some stuck dust or other minor appearance defects from new.

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