B-801C 1-20mm Cable Stripping Machine Peeling Machine Manual Cable Stripper

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Product description

Make your cable stripping task easier with this great table mount stripping machine, able to handle 1-20mm cable, simply mount to your workbench pass your cable through and make easy work of peeling away the out sheathing. Ideal for those looking to recycle or strip cable to sell the inner cooper, aluminium etc.. as scrap. Far safer than using a knife or cutters to perform the same job.

All the cool details

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Bolts to desks, table, workbench
  • Easy to use, set the blade depth and simply pull the cable through
  • Handles cabling with a diameter of 1 to 20mm
  • Adjustable rollers and blade depth ensure safe and smooth operation
  • High quality bearing mounts for the roller bar for smooth cable travel
  • Please wear suitable gloves during use to protect from wire splinters/shards
  • May not be suitable for heavily armoured cable sheathing

The technical stuff

  • Clamp material: Bearing steel
  • Handle material: Iron
  • Clamp material: Bearing steel
  • Function: Stripping of used wire and cable
  • Colour: Black
  • Characteristic: Stripping fixture
  • Model: B-801C
  • Shape: Ball blade
  • Size: Length: 130mm/5in Height: 140mm/5.5in
  • Stripping diameter: 1-20mm/0.03-0.78in
  • Package includes: 1 x 1-20mm Cable Stripping Machine

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